Best of 2013 Lists Start Appearing

It’s only October, but already “best of” lists for 2013 are being published (frequently — and wisely — with the words “so far” in the title). Once a critical mass of these lists have been released, we will start incorporating them into a new section for the best books, movies and music of 2013. In the interim, […]

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Best Movies Unusually Popular

Movie critics are often lambasted for loving movies that achieve very little success at the box office. Lists of their favorite movies of the year are often dominated by little-known foreign productions and highly experimental films that are neither easy nor pleasurable to watch (and that very few people actually watch). In recent years, however, […]

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Women Authors Lead in Best Books of 2012

Seven of the ten best books of 2012, according to leading critics, were written by women authors. Hilary Mantel wrote the most recommended book of the year, Bring Up the Bodies, which also won the Booker Prize. The top non-fiction book, which came in at #2 on our list, was by Katherine Boo. Women authors were […]

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